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We are passionate about making herbs and spices easy for everyday cooking!


As a proof of excellent achievement, acceptance and the trust put into our company and its quality products by our clients, business associates and local government bodies, Zubir Food Sdn Bhd was awarded several prestigious awards by Malaysian government agencies. This is a true testimony of the company mettle and dedication to give its best service and support to their clients and consumers.

Zubir Food Sdn Bhd has been keen , when it comes to innovative advance state-of-the-art technologies. We are very committed to further improve keys areas such as packaging and processing machineries, method of processing, research & development and quality assurance. These areas of improvement will provide us the cutting edge in presenting innovative products and solutions to the food and servicing industries. We constantly upgrade ourselves to improve and meet our customers’ expectations and requirements.

Like you were are Muslim too…

We follow 100%  strictly  Malaysia JAKIM  Halal manufacturing standards that includes our source of  ingredients,  as well as Procurement Plan, Storage, Processing, Containerization and Shipping. All our products are HALAL Certified and we constantly strives to improve by adapting to changes and new emerging technologies and methodologies . We are also awarded MeSTI Certification by The Malaysian Ministery of Health.